Women in Business: Resilience – A Woman's Secret Power – in cooperation with GABA

Please join us to a wonderful event in cooperation with GABA


Resilience is the capacity to bounce back from setbacks rather than being overcome by them. We all have some resilience but have met people that seem to be more resilient in the face of adversity and will come back even stronger after surmounting tough situations. What does it take to deal with stress and disappointments in your daily life? What benefits can you derive from becoming more resilient? Are entrepreneurs more resilient by nature or did they learn something that the rest of us can benefit from? There are specific principles you can learn and practice to improve your resiliency in your professional and personal life. We’ll hear about those through the stories and varied experiences of our panel of amazing women who have all gone through tough times and have emerged even stronger. With this evening’s event we are participating in the worldwide celebration of International Women’s Day. Let’s embrace our secret power of resilience!


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