The Corporate Startup

Wednesday, October 28, 4 p.m. – 5 p.m. PST

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Should large corporations really try to behave like startups?
State of the art and approaches to corporate venturing.

The last 20 years have dramatically shown that inhouse developments often cannot protect against disruption by well-funded startups: Uber disrupted mobility, Airbnb the hospitality industry, WhatsApp how we text, Netflix how we watch movies! Should large companies simply give up developing new businesses inhouse? And instead invest into startups and benefit as they grow into large businesses themselves?

But why should large corporations invest into the startups that will attempt to disrupt and displace them? Aren’t there other ways for large corporations to benefit from the speed and agility of startups? And still harness the large knowhow of their employees?

Is it possible to strike the right balance between inhouse innovation and corporate venturing?

Our panel will explore the approaches to corporate venturing by different Swiss corporations and by Silicon Valley venture capitalists:

  • Swisscom (Lukas Peter): Started an outpost in Silicon Valley 20 years ago and are one of the most visible and present partners and investors in the Swiss innovation scene.
  • Mach49 (Paul Holland): Paul has been a Silicon Valley venture capitalist for the last 20 years and early investor into Netflix. He is a Managing Director at Mach49, advising global corporations how to create a corporate venture practice and actively sharing his experience as “Investor in Residence”. Mach49’s approach strategically combines the incubation of internal ideas and tapping into disruptive projects thru corporate venturing.


4.00 PM: Welcome & Introductions

4.05 PM: Company presentations & Approach to venturing/corporate venturing

4.30 PM: Discussion incl. Q&A from the audience

This is an online event. You can access the Zoom event via the Eventbrite page (“Access the Event”) or via the link in your ticket (sent by email).

This event is sponsored by Switzerland Global Enterprise.

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