The activities and challenges of armasuisse in cyber security

The Activities and Challenges of armasuisse in Cyber Security

When:                   Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Time:                     5.30 pm – 8 pm

Where:                 DocuSign, 221 Main Street STE 1000, San Francisco, CA 94105

Hosts:                  Giorgio Tresoldi, Scientific Project Manager, International Networking

Good to know:  No fees; Open to non-members of SACC

Registration:    manuela.borden@saccsf.com until 01/19/2020

Get exclusive insights into the world of cyber security and how Switzerland protects itself against cyber attacks! Thanks to its wide-ranging expertise and international competence network, the Cyber Defence Campus is the link between the DDPS, industry, academic institutions and hacker communities when it comes to all things related to cyber security. To be able to keep one step ahead of cyber threats and developments in this area, the Cyber Defence Campus works closely with the industry and the scientific community, both locally and internationally.

Digitalization completely transforms our daily lives. It simplifies our daily lives: easier communication through social networks, digital assistants such as smart phones and smart watches or fast online shopping.

But digitalization also entails risks, especially with regards to security. Our data and communication transition more and more to online services, and key infrastructure like electricity and water utilities are controlled through computers.

If hackers manage to take control of such systems or steal sensitive data, they could cause major damage to society as a whole. The protection against cyber attacks is increasingly gaining importance.
The federal government is taking various measures to protect Switzerland against cyber attacks. These measures include the installation of the Cyber Defence Campus in January 2019, incorporating experts from armasuisse

Science and Technology, industry and the scientific community, the Campus works to put research results to use in practical solutions with the relevant authorities, startups, international partners and other companies.

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